Term 4 2019

  • Chippers
    New players who are starting their journey in golf have the opportunity to learn new skills, have fun, make new friends and can just have a go at smashing balls, hitting targets and watching it fly!
  • Crushers
    Young golfers who are growing a love for the game, have the opportunity to learn valuable life skills through golf, and develop their confidence and skills on modified course lengths.
  • Young Masters
    Young golfers who have aspirations to develop their skills as a player, loves the game for the personal challenges and variety of competitive opportunities, but also for those who enjoy being outdoors and playing for fun with their friends and family.
  • Two Options for Coaching
    Rotorua Golf Club: Tuesday 3.40-4.40pm
    -All three groups included
    -Groups depends on numbers
    Lakeview Golf Club: Thursday 3.40-4.40pm
    -Groups depend on numbers

    Contact Sue for details: 027 2010940