Term 4 2018

  • GJGC Koru Squad
    The Koru Squad is based around learning fundamental movement skills for golf by participation in fun based activities. Learn to love golf as a game and later if you want, you can go on and learn more.
    No experience necessary
  • GJGC Futures
    The futures group is all about fun but also works on the fundamental skills for golf. Its the next step up from the Koru Squad as you will learn the grip, posture, stance and other key golf essentials along the way.
    Lots of games but some technical learning in this squad getting you ready to play and have more fun by hitting more shots better.
  • GJGC Advanced
    The step in the GJGC cog is the advanced group. This is based around helping those that want to improve technically and mentally.
    Ideal for anyone playing on the course and looking to play club events, junior events and even national events.
    All will remain fun throughout.
  • Three Options for Coaching
    Rotorua Golf Club: Tuesday 3.40-4.40pm
    -All three groups included
    Springfield Golf Club: Thursdays 3.40-4.40pm
    -Groups depends on numbers
    Lakeview Golf Club: Friday 3.40-4.40pm
    -Groups depend on numbers

    Contact Ant for details: 0272519937