Future Geyserland

Contact me to let me arrange your next game. Groups are going out Saturday afternoons currently and many opportunities will be available during the holidays.

18 holers - Play together and try and have your best round of golf

9 Holers - Work towards your handicap and play 9 holes

Beginners - parents or helpers needed to walk/caddy for your children to help support their play. Make it fun.


We want as many juniors playing rounds of golf as possible. We want club events to be full of juniors as they enjoy golf as a fun and challenging sport. Initially the start will be playing days but will be followed by events specific for all levels of golfers. These may include:

  • GJGC Order Of Merit events
  • GJGC Championships
  • Club Championships
  • Parent and child events
  • Play days ideal for beginner levels
  • Team Golf 
  • Futures Twlight 

All juniors can of course play golf at any time and if any need help finding playing partners please contact me. Once a junior can play 9 holes easily and understands the general rules and ettiquate of play they dont need parent supervision buts its still encouraged.

Obviously, we want parents to play as well so talk with us on options here. Generally up to 4 holes is ok to play with your child.

Play Play Play....